Katniss & Peeta Won Iconic Kiss at the 2012 J-14 Teen Icon Awards

Hufftington Post has reported that Katniss and Peeta’s kiss in the cave “The Hunger Games” have received the J-14 Teen Icon  Awards for Iconic Kiss. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson’s onscreen chemistry was able to defeat Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth (Gale) and Miley Cyrus won the Iconic Couple award. Congrats guys.

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Latest Catching Fire Set Photos Including Effie Trinket

A lot of Catching Fire set photos were scattered around Tumblr. These images were from catchingupdates.tumblr.com. The blog is pretty new but it provides us latest behind the scenes photos of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire set being currently filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. The photos include the Atlanta Motor Speedway, which will be the set for Tribute Parade. Also, it seems that we can now see Effie Trinket on a Reaping scene. I am quite unconvinced with the Effie photo because it appears to be edited or something.

Plus, actors Lenny Kravitz and Maria Howell shares their bond with Woody Harrelson by posting photos at their Twitter and Facebook page, respectively.

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Toby Jones: Catching Fire Script is Tremendous

ET has recently interviewed Toby Jones, who plays arena announcer Claudius Templesmith, about Catching Fire. The actor talked about “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” script, working with Stanley Tucci in front of a green screen and being part of a huge franchise.

ETonline: And then you have on-set photos coming out in the middle of production as paparazzi swarm the set. Now that it’s become such a successful and watched franchise, does makingCatching Fire feel any differently now than making The Hunger Games did.

Jones: Not so far. We’re blessed with, as we were on Harry Potter, lead actors who are amazingly grounded people. Jennifer [Lawrence] is amazingly grounded in the midst of all this to do. It must be unnerving and hard to relate to the amount of attention she generates. She and Josh [Hutcherson] seem very, very grounded. They’re getting down to the film like they did last time.
ETonline: As one of the few people who has read the Catching Fire script, what do you make of it?
Jones: It’s a bit of relief, I must say. I was worried it might just be repetitive, but it’s not. The script is just tremendous!
ETonline: Is it odd being a part of this massive production, yet pretty much only working with one other actor in front of a greenscreen?
Jones: Totally. But that’s how it felt doing [the voice of] Dobby as well. You come in as this satellite part of the film, so I only see Stanley [Tucci] in my scenes. These kinds of movies have so many different components; it’s about as different from doing The Girl as you could imagine.

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District 6 Tribute Girl Talks About Being Part of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Megan Hayes, the Atlanta-based actress who will play as District 6’s female tribute, has recently talked to Atlanta Midtown Patch about her part of the huge Hunger Games franchise. Here’s an excerpt from her interview.

“I feel so lucky, so blessed and honored to be a part of this project,” Hayes recently told Patch. “The books are great, the actors are top notch, it’s really a dream job.” …
“I wish I could tell you more but I just can’t,” Hayes said, referring to the many non-disclosure contracts that she has signed. “What I can say is that it really hasn’t sunk in, but I feel humbled. I love being an actor. I love being a part of a project of such magnitude and can only hope that more opportunities like this will come down the road.”

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Philip Seymour Hoffman Impressed with The Hunger Games Trilogy

Philip Seymour Hoffman, our very own head gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee, expressed his appreciation to “The Hunger Games” books and being part of the film. Find out more about his interview with Telegraph UK.

Catching Fire, the second film in a franchise Hoffman admits he thought would be “crap” until he saw the first instalment, which was released to unexpected critical acclaim earlier this year.
“I was incredibly pessimistic, but then I read the books, and it was like, ‘pow’,” he enthuses. “I didn’t even know The Hunger Games was a big deal, but I’m incredibly impressed with it.
“My son is about to turn 10, so I bought him the books and I’m going to read them with him, if for no other reason than it’s the first time I’ve made a film that’s suitable for him.”

Read the full interview here.

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The Hunger Games Nomiated at BAFTA’s 2012 British Academy Children’s Award

The Hunger Games is nominated for the Feature Film category at the 2012 British Academy Children’s Awards of the British Academy of Films and Television Awards (BAFTA). According to their press release:

The four films nominated in the Feature Film category this year include BAFTA Fellow Martin Scorsese’s Hugo and Disney’s The Muppets. The Hunger Games and Arthur Christmas, the two other films competing for the Award, also appear in the BAFTA Kids’ Vote shortlist.

The event will be held on November 25, 2012. To find out more about the 2012 British Academy Children’s Awards, please visit this site.

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Support The Hunger Games in the 2013 People’s Choice Award

Guys, show off your support to “The Hunger Games” fandom for the 2013 People’s Choice Award. People is already listing up our favorite movie and the fantastic cast into several categories, however, they need our support so that they will be able to make it to the final cut. You can visit People Choice Award’s official site here.

  • Favorite Movie
  • Favorite Movie Actress
  • Favorite Action Movie
  • Favorite Face of Heroism (new)
  • Favorite Movie Franchise
  • Favorite On-Screen Chemistry
  • Favorite Movie Fan Following

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Catching Fire Score Update: James Newton Howard Will Return for Catching Fire Score

James Newton Howard, who took on “The Hunger Games” score, will be returning for the sequel Catching Fire. Film Music Site has reported it during the musician’s interview via podcast, which can be listened here.

James Newton Howard, The Hunger Games behind the scenes

Did you love the score for “The Hunger Games?”

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Hunger Games Makeup Artist Demonstrates Peeta’s Camouflauge Effect

SFX winner and “The Hunger Games” makeup artist Conor McCullagh has caught up with the season premiere of Joey’s Dystopia of Teen.com. McCallaugh has shared his experiences working with Josh Hutcherson and in doing some makeup stuff for the Capitol people in “The Hunger Games.” He even demonstrated how the tree bark effect of Peeta’s arm in the training center is done.

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